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Chicken Health Courses

Learn from our eggsperts how to keep healthy chickens in any season. From daily nutrition to disease prevention. 

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Chicken Breeds Courses

Learn from our eggsperts the pro's and con's for each breed. From egg laying capabilities to climate suitability.

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Raising Baby Chick Courses

Learn step-by-step easy to follow guidelines on how to raise healthy and happy baby chicks every time. 

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Mites & Lice Courses

Learn how to identify, treat and most importantly prevent mites & lice forever. 

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Chicken Nutrition Courses

Learn which foods are best for your chickens health and which foods to avoid. 

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Chicken Coop Courses

Build or buy? That is the question. Let us explain all the benefits of both sides and what to look out for. 

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Predator Protection Courses

Learn all the proven techniques to to keep your chickens safe all year round from predators.

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Online Health Consultations

Enjoy direct access to our health eggsperts to get fast answers when you have a sick chicken and need advice. 

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