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We may never know why the chicken crossed the road, but we can teach you how to keep it there.

Chickenpedia caters to chicken lovers, human egg layers, and anyone who thinks they could win a crowing contest. Affectionately known as Eggsperts, we use our expertise in poultry rearing to develop educational content for aspiring chicken keepers.  Over the years, we’ve gained vast experience that widened our perspective on raising chickens. Making it easy for us to teach anyone at any level and from any background. 

Whether you’re a toddler, adult, or anywhere in-between, we have fun, engaging content that makes it easy to get started. Our resources are nothing to cluck at! Every ounce of information is insightful, verified, and delivered according to the student’s learning level. Raising chickens is a great way for kids to learn valuable life lessons and an ideal way for adults to get into a new hobby. For this reason, we’ve created a one-stop knowledge base for everything chicken related.

No more running around like a headless chicken, we’ve got you covered!

Our Mission

To spread the joy and fun of raising chickens; giving children exciting new experiences and helping adults rediscover the delight in humble hobbies that reconnect them with nature


Our Vision

To fill the world with confident and passionate chicken keepers who find joy in nurturing nature and the wonderful creatures it hosts.

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