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Our Symptoms Suggestion List

Enlarged Abdomen, Depressed, Behavior, Difficulty Breathing, Drinking Excessively, Difficulty Swallowing, Head Shaking, Excessive nestbox sitting, Lethargy, Panting, Reduced Appetite, Scratching, Tail-bobbing, Tilting Head, Weakness, Yawning, Bleeding, Lumps, Seizures, Weight Loss, Black Spots on Comb, Pale Comb, Shrivelled Comb, Delayed Emptying Crop, Enlarged Crop, Blood in Droppings, Dark Droppings, Mucus in Droppings, 
Undigested Food in Droppings, Watery Droppings, Worms in Droppings, Yellowish Droppings, Blood Stained Egg Shells, Broken Egg Shells, Cracks in Egg Shells, Dirty Egg Shells, Pale Color Egg Shells, Roughened Egg Shells, Soft Egg Shells, Thin Egg Shells, Blood Spot in Yolk, Not Laying, Watery Whites in Egg, Reduced Number of Eggs, Blindness, Change in Pupil Size, Eyes Closed, Cloudy Eyes, Discharge in Eyes, Swollen Face, Dull or Broken Feathers, Loss of Feathers, Ruffled Feathers, Swollen Foot, Circling Gait, Difficulty Walking, Lameness Gait, Difficult to Stand, Walking Backwards, Limp Neck, Deformed Legs, Swollen Legs, Paralysed Legs, Mouth Regurgitation, Excessively Dry Skin, Coughing, Gasping Sound, Gurgling Sound
Sneezing Sound, Sudden Death, Pasty Bum, Protruding Vent, Drooping Wings - and so much more. 

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