Chicken Etiquette Course

Discover a variety of chicken behaviours to help you care for your flock like a pro. Learn how to successfully deal with bad behaviours and encourage positive ones with this extensive course.

Start Learning About Chicken Behavior

Learn All About Chicken Behavior

Breaking Habits

Discover how to identify and fix bad habits.

Warning Signs

Find out why some quirky habits might be a cause for health concerns. 

Encourage Positive Behaviour

Find out useful tips to keep chickens well-behaved.

Remedies for Bad Behaviour

Discover ways to stop bad behaviours and avoid in-flock conflicts.

Broody Breeds

Learn how to distract your ladies from broody behaviours.

Rough And Tumble

Find out how to deal with bullying between bigger and smaller flock members. 

Stop Copy-cat Behaviours 

Learn how to deal with egg-eating chickens before others follow them!

DIY Boredom Busters

Find fun ways to keep your flock entertained all year round.

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Poultry Health Consultations

Get direct access to our team who offer online poultry health consultations 365 days a year.

Every chicken keeper has had a sick chicken, but it can be hard to diagnose on your own, particularly when time is of the essence.

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Plus All Our Other Courses & Downloads

  • Ultimate Guide to Breeds
  • How to Raising Baby Chickens
  • Incubating & Hatching
  • Chicken Health Checklist Beak to Vent
  • Chicken Keepers DIY First Aid Kit more

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“SO GOOD! 🥰 I love the checklists - they have been so helpful. I live 6.5hrs from town so getting the advice from the eggsperts when one of my hens was breathing oddly was a life saver! I've recommended you to my neighbour and he too is now a member. Keep up the great work! ”


Learning from Chickenpedia has made my chicken keeping journey that much easier. I've particularly loved the 1-on-1 consulting. I recommend you guys to all my friends.

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