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How to Identify Symptoms Of Mites & Lice

Spot the signs quickly to stop further spread and discomfort amongst your flock.

How to Treat Mites & Lice Quickly & Effectively

Feel prepared and confident when treating your chooks for these pests.

How to Prevent Mites & Lice Forever

Avoid infestations in your flock with our essential tips and tricks.

Natural Remedies That Work

Avoid harmful chemicals and effectively treat your flock through natural ingredients.

Recommended Retail Products

Save money, time and effort by using tried and tested products.

How to Clean Your Coop Properly

Stop outbreaks of lice and mice through thorough deep cleans.

What You Can Do About Wild Birds

Keep your coop secure and safe from wild birds and any diseases they may carry.

How to Boost Your Chickens' Immune System

Improve your flock’s longevity through natural concoctions, including apple cider vinegar.

How to Mix the Perfect Dust Bath

Keep Mice and Lice at bay with the best dust bath mixtures.

Incredible Benefits of Dried Herbs 

Have a happy and healthy flock with many years to come!

Proactive Seasonal Tips To Keep Healthy Chickens 

Be prepared and keep your flock safe and healthy every season.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Checklist

Have your chicken keeping routine fully organised with these vital to-do lists.

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“SO GOOD! 🥰 I love the checklists - they have been so helpful. I live 6.5hrs from town so getting the advice from the eggsperts when 1 of my hens was breathing odd was a life saver! I've recommended you to my neighbour and he too is now a member. Keep up the great work! ”


Learning from Chickenpedia has made my chicken keeping journey that much easier. I've particularly loved the 1-on-1 consulting. I recommend you guys to all my friends.

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