Find out how to help your ladies lay eggs successfully. Discover crucial information to keep your chickens happy, healthy, and frequent layers with this extensive course.

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Great Quality Eggs

Learn how to support your hens to lay the best possible eggs.

Look After Your Layers

Learn how and why you need to keep your layers happy and healthy.

Become an Eggspert

Find out about the different types of eggs from different breeds.

Best Egg Layers

Learn about the breeds that are frequent layers and those who produce great eggs.

Cause For Concern?

Learn how a change in egg production may be a health warning.

Where Are The Eggs?

Find out why there are no eggs and the solutions to this problem.

More Than A Dozen!

Discover how to get more eggs from your laying hens.

Stop Egg-eating Chickens

Learn how to overcome this common annoying habit.

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“SO GOOD! 🥰 I love the checklists - they have been so helpful. I live 6.5hrs from town so getting the advice from the eggsperts when one of my hens was breathing oddly was a life saver! I've recommended you to my neighbour and he too is now a member. Keep up the great work! ”


Learning from Chickenpedia has made my chicken keeping journey that much easier. I've particularly loved the 1-on-1 consulting. I recommend you guys to all my friends.

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