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How-to Increase Egg Laying

Learn how to get more eggs from your hens.

Prevent Mites, Lice & Worms

Learn how to identify, treat and prevent.

Identify Illnesses & Symptoms 

Learn warning signs of an unhealthy chicken & what to do.

Pro's and Con's for Each Breed 

Learn why some breeds are better to keep than others. 

Which Breeds Lay the Best 

Learn which breeds lay the most and the largest eggs. 

Vaccinate and Why

Learn which vaccinations build your chickens’ immunity. 

Breeds That are Ideal for Kids

Learn which breeds love to be handled and come in fun colors.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Checklists

Learn what to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Proactive Seasonal Tips To Keep Healthy Chickens

Learn how you can be prepared for every season.

Choose the Right Chicken Coop

Learn about material, size, construction and design.

Improve General Health

Learn our tips to ensure happy and healthy chickens.

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Get detailed monthly instructions from our poultry experts, delivered straight to your inbox! Follow exactly what they do and how they keep some of the healthiest chickens on the planet.

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  • Chicken HealthcareThe Ultimate Guide to Healthy & Happy Chickens [$179 Value]
  • A Complete Chicken Breeds CourseChoose the Perfect Breed for You [$129 Value]
  • Mites & LiceHow-to Identify, Treat and Prevent [$89 Value]
  • Chicken Nutrition & Treat GuideThe Experts Advice to Keeping Your Chickens in Optimum Health [$49 Value]
  • Gardening With ChickensThe Do's & Dont's to ensure a Chicken-Friendly Backyard [$73 Value]
  • Chicken Coops Crash CourseWe Explain the Ideal Size, Material & Design To Suit Your Flock (and YOU) [$69 Value]
  • Eliminate WormsAn Experts Guide to the Dangers of Worms and How to Prevent Them [$55 Value] 
  • Poultry Predators: Identify & Prevent All Poultry Predators With Our Expert Instructions [$59 Value]
  • Raising Baby ChicksA Easy Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners [$199 Value]
  • Follow Our Monthly Step-by-Step Chicken Keeping Advice [$229 Value]
  • Egg Laying ImprovementHow to Improve and Extend Your Hens Laying Capabilities [$29 Value]
  • Chicken BehaviorUnderstand Good & Bad Behaviors For a Happy Flock [$59 Value]
  • Keeping Chickens in All SeasonsDiscover How to Be Prepared & Avoid Disaster [$79 Value]

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“SO GOOD! 🥰 I love the checklists - they have been so helpful. I live 6.5hrs from town so getting the advice from the eggsperts when one of my hens was breathing oddly was a life saver! I've recommended you to my neighbour and he too is now a member. Keep up the great work! ”


Learning from Chickenpedia has made my chicken keeping journey that much easier. I've particularly loved the 1-on-1 consulting. I recommend you guys to all my friends.

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